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Body Brain Bite Issue 1 - Just Breathe

Welcome to the first Body Brain Bite

I am excited to share this first "Body Brain Bite" - a short newsletter with some interesting articles, research and information to help you feel and function at your best.

The body and brain work together as a system. In the Body Brain Reset program we learn about and explore different practices that optmise this system so that we can think and feel at our best. I frequently come across new research and information that continue to build on the breadth and depth of my knowledge, and help me to expand and refine my own practices. I thought it would be valuable to regularly share some of the more interesting and valuable content.

This first Bite is focused on breathing. The more I learn about breathing, the more deeply I appreciate it as a gateway to life. Every person who does the program with me comments on how transformational just 10 mins of daily breathwork practice is. How we feel affects how we breathe. And how we breath affects how we feel. Knowing that we can use the breath, even just one breath, to shift our emotional state, improve our memory and improve our physical health is incredibly powerful.

Breath and memory

This fascinating article in Neurosciece news presents findings from recent research that breathing through the nose can improve memory function. Read more

Breathing and mindfulness

Dr Andrew Huberman of Stanford University recently conducted a piece of research comparing the effectiveness of breathwork and mindfulness practices. This experiment compared the experiences of 5 groups; 3 different types of breathwork, 1 mindfulness group and 1 control group. All 4 intervention groups had better outcomes than the control group, and all 3 breathwork groups had better outcomes than the mindfulness group. The strongest outcomes were obtained by the group that did 5 mins of cyclic sighing daily. Interestingly, this experiment didn't use resonance breathing, which is the pacing we use in the Body Brain Reset program. I'd be very interested to see a comparison beteween these two types of breathing.

Give it a go

Cyclic sighing involves taking one inhale into the belly, followed immediately by a second inhale into the chest, and then letting go with a releasing exhale and repeat.

Click the video on the right to follow along to a guided 5 min cyclic sighing practice

Podcast with James Nestor

James Nestor is an award winning science journalist. The book "Breath" which was published in 2020 presents everything he discovered on the power of breathing, how we are doing it wrong and the benefits of doing it right! I listened to this podcast with him recently and found it to be absolutely riveting and astonishing. Since listening to the podcast I have:

  • Noticed how often I unconsciously switch to mouth breathing during the day and then consciously switch back to nose breathing

  • Explored maintaining nose breathing through my exercise sessions (including running and handstands) and feel much less fatigued

  • Experimented with taping my mouth at night in my sleep and am waking up more refreshed

Spring 2023 Body Brain Reset Program 16 October - 8 December, 2023

The final intake of the Body Brain Reset Program runs from 16 October - 8 December 2023. This round of the program specifically supports leaders to avoid the end of year burnout that we so often experience, and to finish the year feeling full of energy and ready to enjoy the holidays. Bring a friend and get 20% off for you and your friend?!

Let me know how you're going with your breathing I'm constantly astounded by the power of the breath. I'd love to hear how you're going with your breathing and if you are trying anything new.

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