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Field Service


We are your head start in your field service management transformation journey.

The common objective across the field services management industry is to lower cost while maximising end customer service and optimising asset performance.

Many businesses have tried to realise this objective and come up short with very few succeeding. We at Structured Creative have been a key part of some of these successes locally in Australia and in the UK. Our people have helped organisations realise cost reduction in the range of 20-40%, 60% increases in output per field worker and +10 NPS ratings – all without jeopardising asset performance.

This experience has enabled us to develop a Blueprint for Digital Field Services Business that blends together the best of our successes with learnings from failures. This blueprint allows us to accelerate the design process with clients and ask the right questions across the Field Service Management lifecycle through planning, preparing and performing work.

We work with clients to answer the following types of questions across the value chain:


  • What demand levels will we service this year?

  • What is the right balance between self perform and subcontracted workforces?

  • What resource levels do we need across the year (people, parts and plant)?

  • What rosters do we need in place?

  • How do we best organise our field teams?


  • How do we increase workforce productivity and utilisation?

  • How we improve work allocation and adopt an automated and optimised approach?

  • Which field management system should we use?

  • How do we reduce front-office and back-office effort to reduce costs


  • How do we manage our mobile and remote workforce?

  • What are the best metrics to use to ensure safety first and balance cost, quality and service?

  • What mobile devices and apps do we need to enable the field workforce?

  • How do we enable our field supervisors?


  • How do we automate back-office processing?

  • How do invoice and bill for our work?

  • How do we manage subcontractors?

  • How can we digitise work packs and as-builts?

  • How can we assure quality?

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