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High Performing People


Proven approaches to realise results

Within our People service area, we offer three key services; High Performing Leaders, High Performing Teams, Thriving in Change.
In addition, we have a new innovation service, called the Body Brain Reset

High Performing Leaders


Modern management approaches typically come from the industrial age of manufacturing, where there was usually one optimal solution that could be found through analysis and controlled implementation.

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the inherent complexity in our world and how unprepared our leaders are for the challenges of a VUCA world.

At structured creative, we specialise in working with leaders to build the specific capabilities needed to be effective today, and into the future.

High Performing Teams


The challenge of creating great teams remains elusive.

At Structured Creative, in collaboration with Monash University, we are conducting a research project to answer this challenge.

Participating teams in the research project gain access to world-leading assessments and coaching, while contributing to shaping a new understanding of high-performing teams.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about this project and to get your team involved.

Thriving in change


We are constantly seeking ways to do what we do better. In business, this often means asking people to work in different ways. 

What you are really doing when you ask people to work differently, is asking them to change.

At structured creative, we use the latest research from cognitive, behavioural and social neuroscience to develop deeper insights into what happens when you ask your people to change and use this knowledge to build strategies to lead change in your organisation more effectively.

BBR_coloured transparent.png


Is ensuring you perform at your best, every day, important to you?

Does your work require you to think clearly, communicate effectively and
solve problems creatively?

Do you need to remain calm and steady in the face of challenge and adversity?

Do you want to feel more energised, motivated, focused and happy?

You are a ‘cognitive athlete’. Your body and brain work together as a system.

The ways in which you move, eat, sleep and breathe all impact how effectively this system is optimised to enable you to perform at your best every day.

That's why I've created the Body-Brain Reset. Utilising world leading neuroscience, biofeedback HRV monitoring and unique full body movements, we will work together over 8 weeks to get you firing on all cylinders.

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